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This page was last updated on March 18th, 2020.

The GGDC has teamed up with chambers and Gaston County Government to help businesses address COVID-19.

Nationwide, COVID-19 has disrupted the routines of millions of people and is having significant impacts on livelihoods. Gaston County citizens and businesses are not isolated from this major event.

On March 17th, Gaston County Board of Commissioners Chairman Tracy Philbeck requested a COVID-19 Gaston County Business Response Task Force be formed to help local businesses navigate this unprecedented event. While solutions are being sought and proposed at the national and state level, Gaston County public and private sector leaders are committed to pursuing holistic local solutions to help business owners relieve the effects of this crisis.

The first action of the Business Response Task Force is to determine the unique challenges facing Gaston County businesses, both large and small.

As a Gaston County business leader, please take this survey to help Gaston County effectively address COVID-19 impacts.

Given the sense of urgency, your prompt response is greatly appreciated.

For local updates on COVID-19, please go to the Gaston County Government page featuring this information.

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